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Asian in America: VR Enhanced Fine Dining Explores Identity

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Asian in America: VR Enhanced Fine Dining Explores Identity

Asian in America is a symbolic exhibition and six- course dining experience that explores the Asian-American identity through virtual reality, food and drink, and poetry.

Asian in America: Official Trailer from Jenny Dorsey on Vimeo.

The brainchild of chef Jenny Dorsey who uses her well-honed gastronomic skills to create a culinary feast that goes beyond the usual fine dining to become an interactive culturally informative experience.

Culinary art at the highest levels is all about stimulating the senses to communicate the chef’s intention, Asian in America goes beyond, with the utilisation of virtual reality and poetry to address topics from cultural hierarchies in the food system, the lack of the individualism granted to minorities, and the internalisation of the ‘white saviour’ complex.

Food and cooking represent a unique medium to unite and integrate cultures, art and literature and now with Dorsey’s Asian in America experience, technology can all work in unison to explore complex issues. You can trace elements Asian in America’s artistic nature back to Dorsey’s days at Atelier Crenn and Atera.

The project bean as a three course meal and video for Asian Pacific American Heritage, which evolved into a series of essays with the VR and poetry integrating organically to complete the current 6 course model. Half the courses are presented with poetry, while the other half are supported through VR using Tilt Brush, accompanied with spoken word.

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