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Cakes Serve as Canvas For this Creative Artist

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Cakes Serve as Canvas For this Creative Artist
Photo Maria A. Aristidou

Artist Maria A. Aristidou has been hard at work decorating cakes for a new project aptly entitled ‘Art on Cakes.'

Using edible paints to paint onto the blank canvas of cakes Aristidou has re-created Van Gogh’s 'It’s a scream', Picasso’s Girl before mirror and Dali's The Persistence of Memory with remarkable likeness to the great master's paintings themselves.

“The process of making a Van Gogh is truly interesting and therapeutic” she tells viralister "My favorite is the Dali one. It took ages to complete but was so worth the outcome! I am very proud of that cake.”

Aristidou baked the cakes for her mother's bakery, Vienna Boutique inspired by her desire to market her mother's shop combined with her artistic flair. Baked to the shop's chocolate cake recipe the tiers were covered in sugar paste and decorated using edible paints. Each cake takes her between six and 10 hours to paint to complete.

This is hardcore cake decorating by someone that can wield a paintbrush on a cake canvas. Still, this is not new territory for Aristidou who has already successfully tried her hand at creating Einstein's portrait in coffee.

Still it begs one question, how long does it take to polish off one of these master pieces?

Photo: Inside Vienna Boutique/Facebook

Let’s hope the cakes make a stand at her new exhibition and the craze for decorative painting takes off, we think this might just be the start of something great. Have a look at some great masterpieces below,  you can view more of her mouth-watering creations on Instagram.

If you are hungry for more cake art check out this impressive cup cake art pairing of cupcakes and catwalk fashion from Katie Franklin.

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