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Shattered Liquid Nitrogen Flowers

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Shattered Liquid Nitrogen Flowers
Photo This Is Colossal

Liquid nitrogen is a favorite ingredient of cooks practicing molecular gastronomy. It's been used by chefs like Alinea's Grant Achatz and the godfather of ''techno-emotional'' cuisine Ferran Adria. But what happens when it's applied to flowers?

Photographer Jon Shireman experimented to find out. He soaked fresh flowers in liquid nitrogen for 30 minutes then photographed them when as they shattered on impact. His work, aptly called Broken Flowers, captures the fragility of flowers in an unexpected way.

We are used to chefs working with edible flowers but Jon's photography takes floral to a totally different level. We hope you enjoy the images below, if you'd like to see more of Jon's work you can do so on Flickr.

Via This Is Colossal

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