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What Different Armies Eat

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What Different Armies Eat
Here’s an interesting project that takes a look at how different army ration packs change depending on country. 
Created by itsrattlesnake, the project lays out all the food rations inside German, French, Italian, English, Danish and many more country’s ration packs. 
It’s interesting to see how each one differs. The French army are given cassoulet with duck confit, a creole-style pork and a crème chocolate pudding, while the U.S. soldiers dine on poppy seed pound cake, cranberries and non-alcoholic apple cider. 
The Italians even get a 40% alcohol cordiale as a breakfast shot to give them a kick in the morning. 
Take a look and you can see more here. 
France - deer pâté, cassoulet with duck confit, creole-style pork, crème chocolate pudding, a disposable heater,  coffee, muesli and Dupont d’Isigny caramel.
Italy - 40% alcohol cordiale, cappuccino, biscotti, pasta and bean soup, canned turkey, rice salad, canned fruit salad / muesli chocolate bar.
U.S - Almond poppy seed cake, cranberries, spiced apple cider, peanut butter and crackers, pasta with vegetables in spicy tomato sauce. 
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