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Beautiful Images of See-Through Fish

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Beautiful Images of See-Through Fish
Photo Adam Summers

Sure, fish are tasty on a plate but they are also fascinating specimens to study. In the name of science, some sea creatures were dyed in bright colors so we could see every nook and cranny of their anatomy.

These extraordinary see-through images of fish are part of an exhibit at the Seattle Aquarium called Cleared, which was spearheaded by Washington-based professor Adam Summers. The project was spurred by the desire to study the skeleton and soft tissues of fish.

After dying the fish, Summers lightly bleached their skin and flesh, making them nearly invisible so that their bright interior could shine through. To complete the process the fish were submerged in a pool of glycerin set atop a color corrected LED table , which made it possible for them to be photographed.

The images were processed by Ilya Brooks and were exhibited at the Seattle Aquarium along with poems written by Sierra Nelson.  If you've ever wondered what fish really look like inside, just take a look at these mesmerizing images:

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