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50 Sandwiches for 50 States

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50 Sandwiches for 50 States

American graphic designer Kelly Pratt has devised a tasty way of paying homage to her homeland. Recognizing the vast diversity of food preferences across the nation, Kelly has designed posters of the unique sandwiches that represent each of the 50 states.

Stately Sandwiches is a fun project that has so far captured the 'sandwich spirits' of 11 states, including California, New York, Illinois and Louisiana. For every stately sandwich, Kelly artistically lays out the ingredients on a cutting board and photographs them. The story of each sandwich is found on her website.

The tongue-in-cheek project showcases the diversity of the humble sandwich, from New York's famous Reuben (corned beef and Swiss cheese on rye) and Pennsylvania's Philly Cheesesteak to lesser known regional sandwiches like the Minnesota fried welleye (fried fish sandwich) and the Kentucky hot brown (open-faced turkey and bacon sandwich smothered with cheese).

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