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Urban Algae Folly: Produces as Much Protein as a Cow in 6 Months

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Urban Algae Folly: Produces as Much Protein as a Cow in 6 Months
Photo ecoLogic Studio

Meet Urban Algae Folly, the world's first living edible architecture: Integrating micro-algae cultures and real-time digital cultivation designed to produce protein.

It might look like something from out of space but this is the system designed by ecoLogic Studio to produce 35g of Chlorella every day - or the protein equivalent of 750 grams of meat per day.

In just 6 months, the folly can produce the same amount of protein as a small cow, which, according to the designers, is sufficient to feed four people in that same amount of time. And it doesn't end there, the folly is also absorbs sufficient CO2 per day to produce enough oxygen to sustain a human being for the day.

Currently stationed in the street in Braga, in Portugal, the Folly enjoys the sun's rays to synthesise a daily amount of chlorella and reacts with both the climate and interested passers by.

Could this be the future of food, fields full of futuristic follys instead of our four hooved friends?  

Images from ecoLogic Studio

via inhabitat

Learn more about the potential of algae both in and outside the kitchen.

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