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Pimp My Petrol Pump

By FDL on

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Pimp My Petrol Pump

You don't think of petrol pumps doing anything other than dispensing petrol but a new exhibition commissioned by Nissan aims to change that.

A World Without Petrol is a way of reinterpreting the traditional pump in an attempt to make people think differently about petrol and recycled materials. 40 different pumps were designed ranging from a popcorn machine to a coffee maker, a bubble gum dispenser and one pump was even reincarnated as a fridge.

The exhibition was run to promote the new Electric Leaf vehicle in Australia - a car made of around 95% recycled materials with all the pumps created by design agency Glue Society. People can vote for their favorite pumps until June 18th and one lucky person will actually win a pump to proudly display at home. 




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