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5 Tasty Foods Made With Edible Insects

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5 Tasty Foods Made With Edible Insects
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Have you jumped on the edible insect bandwagon yet? Although some people have been holding off, the fact is that crispy critter cuisine is here to stay. Chefs like René Redzepi and Alex Atala have become trailblazers of the movement which has also received backing from the United Nations.

Insects are already part of the diet of an estimated 2 billion people around the world. What makes edible insects so great? They are sustainable source of protein that takes less toll on the environment than raising cattle. Still not convinced? Perhaps these tasty foods below will tempt you to try edible insects at least once.

Honey Larvae Beer

This beer is being developed by the Nordic Food Lab in Copenhagen in conjunction with Carlsberg brewery.

Insect Power Bars

These delectable power bars are made with cricket flour and blended with nuts, cocoa and spices.

Chocolate Covered Scorpions

Chocolate makes a convincing vehicle for enjoying crispy scorpions.

Locust and Cricket Chermoula Salad

This exotic recipe from chef Daniel Creedom is full of fresh flavors and a tasty chermoula sauce.

Ants on a Stick

A lovely recipe developed by the Nordic Food Lab, this dish was presented at an edible insect festival in London earlier this year.

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    Love it! Thanks for sharing these great photos of ento-foods from around the world. If you'd like to see some pictures of what Austin Chefs are creating, check out this article on our recent Bug-Dinner in downtown Austin.

    You can find more photos on the Little Herds FB at


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