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3-D Printed Mushroom Chair

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3-D Printed Mushroom Chair
Photo Erik Klarenbeek

There's nothing like cozying up to a book on a comfy chair. But what if that chair also produced mushrooms you could pluck and use to make tasty dishes? This could all be a reality thanks to the amazing - perhaps bizarre - 3D printed mushroom chair.

Developed by Dutch designer Erik Klarenbeek, the mushroom chair was crafted out of a mixture of straw, water and thread-like fungus called mycelium, Fast Co. Design reports. Klarenbeek worked with mushroom experts at the University of Wageningen to produce the shapely chair.

courtesy Erik Klarenbeek

All of the chair’s components were printed separately and joined together then covered in bioplastic. As part of the chair’s ornate design, small oyster mushrooms sprouts in different nooks and crannies. Cool, no?

Kudos to Klarenbeek for tapping into the potential of fungus. He joins the ranks of fungi revolutionaries like Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez, two Berkeley grads who created a grow-your-own mushroom kits using coffee grounds.

courtesy Sjoerd Sijsma

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Via Fast Co. Design

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