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See the Palace of Versailles as Never Before

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See the Palace of Versailles as Never Before

Modernist Cuisine have teamed up with 3D Systems Culinary in one of their latest food adventures. A spectacular sugar coated brioche version of the Palace of Versailles, befitting of Marie Antoinette herself.

The intricate Palace was created in a number of processes, including, 3D printing of the sugar coated intricate exterior and the baking of a rich gold leaf topped brioche interior, all set on a laser cut acrylic base complete with meringue rose bushes to create a grandiose garden. Head to Modernist Cusine for more details on how this was achieved in The Cooking Lab.

3D Printing is not a new phenomenon having been around for 30 years, but it is certainly one that seems to be gathering pace. In May 2015 Michelin starred Mateo Blanch from La Boscana restaurant in Spain created the first 3D printed 5 course meal. We await to see how 3D printing will impact on the future of fine dining.

In the medical sphere the first 3D pill has just been approved by the US authorities. It's certainly food for thought.

Have a closer look at how this splendid work of art was constructed:

The team hard at work putting the finishing touches to the brioche with edible gold leaf:

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Cuisine

Carefully placing the meringue rose bushes to complete the elegant garden.

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Cuisine

Time for tea, the brioche is served up with whipped cream and fresh raspberries

Photo: Courtesy of Modernist Cuisine


Watch the video to see the intricate construction process in progress:

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