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3D Creations on Wood

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3D Creations on Wood

We’ve highlighted some great 3D artwork before on FDL but Ivan Hoo has taken the process to a whole new level with his unique paintings applied on wood.

Hoo, from Singapore, uses pencil and pastel to create his pieces with many depicting food and drink, one even appears as a sink with water leaving the drain.

We all drew on the old style wooden desks at school but Hoo is way above those, ‘I was here 99’, stye markings. In one piece a cracked eggs sits open on a wooden board and his clever use of shadows and perspective make the work pop right of the page, sorry, the board.

You can see all his work on the Ivan Hoo Art site, including cats, dogs and humans, for now enjoy this collection of his food and drink based creations.

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