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Zooplankton Filmed Eating Plastic for the First Time

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Zooplankton Filmed Eating Plastic for the First Time

We’ve already brought you the exciting news about the discovery of fungus that feeds on plastic and now a plankton in the ocean has been caught doing the same thing on camera for the first time.

Zooplankton has always been thought to feed on ocean plastics but now a team of researchers at the Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the United Kingdom have filmed one the sea’s smallest creatures eating plastic.

The idea is that understanding more about the way the plankton digests plastic could help in reducing the amount of plastics found in the oceans. However, the video acts as a stark warning that demonstrates how human waste has now found its way back into the food chain.

The team at the university placed the zooplankton in one drop of water with fluorescent polystyrene to film the process of the plankton digesting the plastic.

Watch the video below.

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