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A Restaurant Chain for Those With Killer Allergies

By FDL on

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A Restaurant Chain for Those With Killer Allergies

Any chef will testify that managing a kitchen and trying to also cook for those with severe food allergies can be tricky business.

Most chefs actually hate the added complications of allergies on a ticket but one restaurant, Zero8 in Montreal, is actually seeking them out.

As Business Insider reports, Dominique Dion wants to launch a line of restaurants that will cater specifically for those with allergies, creating menus that avoid the most common: peanuts, soy, seafood, dairy, eggs, sesame and gluten.

It might seem niche but after having to close the restaurant in 2013 because of rent hikes, Dion reopened with the help of crowd funding - showing what a strong following the concept had.

Now, the entrepreneur and fellow gluten and dairy allergy sufferer is using crowd funding to try and turn his Zero8 concept into a chain of restaurants.

It's certainly a brave choice to confidently cater for those with deadly allergies in something as big as a restaurant chain but perhaps to truly make a place safe, it's best to concentrate on the issue specifically like the Zero8 menu below.

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