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This Restaurant Will Let You Catch Your Own Dinner

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This Restaurant Will Let You Catch Your Own Dinner
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How can you be 100% sure the fish you're eating is fresh? Well, catch it yourself of course.

A soon to open restaurant in New York will let you go fishing for your dinner, from a tank in the restaurant itself, and if you're successful, you can enjoy it at a discount price

Zauo, a Japanese chain, is opening a branch in Manhattan's Chelsea district. 10 different types of fish will be on offer and once caught the kitchen will happily turn them into sushi, or cook them up for you, Tasting Table reports.

Some people might be a little squeamish about catching their prey, knowing what's about to happen to it, but as we said, at least you know it's fresh.

The opening date is still to be confirmed, but you can get a flavour of what to expect below. 

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