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Young Ferran Adria Wows Bourdain at ElBulli

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Young Ferran Adria Wows Bourdain at ElBulli

Back in 2001 Anthony Bourdain set off to Spain on a self funded trip to film the legendary chef, Ferran Adria.

The movie made from that trip, Decoding Ferran Adria, would go on to form the basis on Bourdain’s now famous No Reservations show.

Speaking about the film he made, Bourdain later said: “ This show was a labor of love and much gratitude. We were determined to get it right. We shot in Hospitalet, the town near Barcelona where the brothers grew up. We shot the staff meal at El Bulli. It was insisted I work the line a bit–to get a better idea of what’s really involved in getting those amazing creations to the table.”

It’s a look behind the scened of one of the world’s greatest ever restaurants, and a snap shot into the mind of a chef who challenged and changed convention.

Take a look.

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