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Chef Shuts Down TripAdvisor Threats by Posting his Own 'Customer Review'

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Chef Shuts Down TripAdvisor Threats by Posting his Own 'Customer Review'

A chef from England has gone all in and reviewed his customer after he threw what can only be described as a temper tantrum inside his restaurant because he couldn’t sit in the seat he wanted.

Backed up by CCTV, Gary Usher, the owner of Wreckfish in Liverpool and Sticky Walnut in Manchester first posted the video of a customer at his Liverpool bistro threatening staff and throwing menus on the floor after he was told he couldn’t have the particular seat he wanted.

On his way out, the customer shouted that he would make sure he left a bad TripAdvisor comment for the restaurant, but it seems they’ve beaten him to it and posted their own 'customer review' before the child-like diner had a chance.

As you can see, Usher and his team have very smartly played the rude customer at his own game, preempting his threat of a bad review and letting everyone online see just how he behaved. They did originally post the CCTV, which we have seen and can confirm showed a rather large man-child throwing his dummy around a restaurant, but it has been removed.

We’ve said it before, and we’ve even written about the idea of restaurants being allowed to keep reviews on customers, perhaps this is the first step? Like many chefs, Usher doesn’t take too kindly to the ongoing threats from customers who use TripAdvisor to hold restaurants ransom. He previously banned one online reviewer for life with one of the OG restaurant replies.

What if restaurants actually reviewed customers? 

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