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10 of the Worst Ever Dishes on Kitchen Nightmares

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10 of the Worst Ever Dishes on Kitchen Nightmares
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It’s not always easy to feel pity for the hugely successful, belligerent brand that is Gordon Ramsay, but watching this compilation of the worst dishes ever on Kitchen Nightmares, the show that saw Ramsay attempting to save almost certainly doomed restaurants with a new menu, a refurb and a punchy script, there’s a feeling that some would equate to pity rumbling somewhere, tangibly inside.

This horror show of a multi-course menu features classics such as sushi pizza (salmon, crab, and mayonnaise, topped with, yes, cheese), a phallic kebab and a potentially life-threatening lobster bisque. How many of us would be able to finish any of these dishes? 

If watching Ramsay squirm is your thing, then take a look at what he had to eat when he popped into The Late Late Show recently, or the time he just about managed to keep a still beating snake heart down in Vietnam.

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