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Who are The World's Richest Chefs?

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Who are The World's Richest Chefs?
Who is the richest chef in the world? It seems the shouty chef Gordon Ramsay takes the reigns with his inclusion on the Forbes’ list of the 100 Richest Celebrities in the World. 
Ramsay, who has 26 restaurants around the world and a string of television shows in both the UK and State side, is reported to have earned a, wait for it, $60 million in 2014 alone, racking in over $400,000 for every episode he produces for Fox. 
Though Ramsay is the only chef to hit the 100 list of richest celebs, it doesn’t put him anywhere near the richest chef in the world title, that is consistently handed to the Japanese restauranteur Alan Wong who is said to have amassed wealth of over a billion dollars
Ramsay is actually pipped by fellow Brit Jamie Oliver who, according to this list published in 2013, is about $100 million ahead of Ramsay when it comes to bank balances. 
Interestingly Paul Bocuse doesn’t make the list below but is often cited as one of the richest chefs with a reported wealth of well over $100 million. 
Take a look below to get an idea on where the chefs stand against each other
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