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Here's What The World's Most Expensive Tasting Menu Actually Tastes Like

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Here's What The World's Most Expensive Tasting Menu Actually Tastes Like
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Remember the world's most expensive tasting menu? Priced at $2,000 a head, there are few who have made the pilgrimage to get a taste of what's being dished at Sublimotion, Paco Roncero's new restaurant in Ibiza. Luckily, Teresa Machan from The Telegraph  savored the unique tasting menu seasoned with theatrical components.

With two Michelin stars under his belt, Roncero is crafting a cuisine best described as "a marriage of food and technology" with "liquid nitrogen galore," Machan writes of her multi-sensory dining experience.

The tasting menu at Sublimotion, which is located at the the Hard Rock Hotel, features 27 staff members catering to 12 diners sharing a comunal table. The experience is a blend of food, music, art, lighting and 360-degree projections designed to stimulate all of your senses - similar in style to El Somni, the culinary opera produced by The Roca Brothers.

At Sublimotion, diners paint their own dessert, feast on white chocolate foie gras doughnuts and even dine in an orchard where everything from the floor to the soil is edible. Here's an excerpt from Machan's piece: 

"What followed was pure theatre – an immersive dining experience of spinning "plates" (a CD) that appeared to float in mid air, vivid 360-degree projections, a book that opened to a talking head (Paco, asking us to "relax and let ourselves be carried away") and, a personal favourite, a bloody Mary that mixed itself, poltergeist style.

“Shake it with your mind,” instructed a waiter, and the container into which we'd poured three liquids from test tubes began to vibrate.

Roncero describes himself as a dreamer; I suspect he has been watching too much Game of Thrones." 

You can watch the video that documents Machan's visit here to get the full scoop on her "bizarre" dining experience.

Via The Telegraph

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