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Man Wastes $13,000 Cocktail

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Man Wastes $13,000 Cocktail

A new record for the world's most expensive cocktail has been set by an Australian bartender who has created a drink that comes in at the astronomical price of $12,916.

Joel Heffernan who works at Club 23 created the drink dubbed the Winston for Winston Churchill. It includes, among other ingredients, some 1858 Croizet cognac which costs $6,000 a shot and would set you back $157,000 a bottle.

The bar require two days notice to make the drink and, apparently, the person who actually stumped up the cash for the cocktail didn't even finish it, with The Wall Street Journal reporting the customer took just a couple of sips before leaving.

In the video below you can watch Heffernan create the drink as he explains it's hefty price tag and exactly what ingredients go into making it.

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