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The World's Most Expensive Foods and Those Who Cook and Eat Them

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The World's Most Expensive Foods and Those Who Cook and Eat Them

The world’s most expensive foods, we’re surprised by them all the time, astronomically priced ice creams, breakfasts, cocktails - it seems that pretty much always, somewhere, in a kitchen near you, someone is cooking up the next bank balance busting food.

To try and make sense of it all, Channel 4 in the UK is running a new show called all about the World’s Most Expensive Foods.

The documentary style show will focus in on some of the wildly expensive foods such as a cup of coffee that costs £325 a cup and some of the world’s most expensive caviar.

The series focuses in on the suppliers, producers and the lucky people who consume these delicacies on a daily basis. It also features a chef working on a private jet who charge between £250-£1000 a head when cooking for guests in the air. Daniel Hume says that for him and his customers, price isn't something they consider - apparently one customer asked him to cook a Michelin dinner for their cat, served on real plates. 

If the phenomenon of crazily priced foods is something that interests you, this is surely a documentary worth watching. It will air this evening on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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