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The World's Longest Tasting Menu Will Last 24 Hours

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The World's Longest Tasting Menu Will Last 24 Hours

We’ve all had those meals that went on for a bit too long, you’re politely asking the waiter just how many plates are left and hoping for the spoon to hit the table and signify dessert’s arrival.

But what if you knew you were sitting down to eat for 24 hours? That’s the latest idea from Bompas and Parr who are getting set to open a pop-up restaurant that will serve 200 courses over 24 hours.

The monster dinner, held inside The Factory in Bermondsey, will be split into 10 meals of 20 mini courses, each promising to be “exotic and exciting”.

A total of eight chefs will work on the meals with tickets broken down into £49 per person if you take a two-hour dining slot after 10pm and £99 if you take one before 10pm, tickets for the entire event, if you think you can handle it, will cost £2,000.

All the meals will be presented along a colour coded theme with some of them explained below. The dinner will take place from September 3–4th, starting at 8am.

Yellow Breakfast: A morning repast that zings with citrus, caffeine and craft. This culinary explosion will hybridize flavours of the East and West in a high-energy, high-end display of homely food love.
White Elevenses: A British tradition bejewelled in surreal sparkle. Expect custards, shortbread, quiches, clouds of confection sugar and a dreamy sweet vision of the classic treats.
Green Lunch: This meal will be a rustic yet refined version of the garden snacking of yore. Look forward to leafy eating including the freshest greens, meats and cheeses, plus a procession of fluorescent jellies.
Blue Afternoon Snack: A powerhouse of flavour for the lazy hours of the day. Taste an otherworldly array of vibrant and dusty turquoises in the form of naturally tinted roots and skilfully prepared fish.
Purple Five O’Clock Tiffin: Rooted in the wild and rich darkness of summer, enjoy ingredients such as wild game and dark summer fruits. Dishes will speak to simple food traditions reinterpreted with modern culinary craft.
Pink Dinner: Forget “trendy” food items like burgers or hot dogs. Your table will be buzzing with eye-popping fuschia, cured meats, and smouldering wood smoke.
Red Party Time: A sultry explosion of party vibes and hot weather flavours. You’ll see Australian and Asian influences, balancing classic spice and tropical tangs with modern style.
Orange Drunchies: The extension of a great night out. Expect contradicting textures, bleeding edge techniques, and lashings of moreishness to tantalise the palate.
Brown Blackout: Indulge in a meal of carnal urges – sweet, hot and savoury dishes. The chef will keep you on your toes with coffee, chocolate, black garlic, squid ink, soy sauce, and liquorice.
Multicolour Final Countdown: A communal carousal of globally-inspired festival food. Mark the culmination of The 200 Club with a multinational flavour and colour explosion, using vibrant colours with grand presentations.
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