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Eating The World's Hottest Noodles

By FDL on

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Eating The World's Hottest Noodles

Would you eat a bowl of something called ‘Death’? No, us neither, but it’s exactly what the Awesome Eats crew did recently when they visited the Abang Adek noodle stall in Jakarta to taste a bowl of the world’s hottest noodles.

The presenter is visibly nervous before he’s left the car, looks even more nervous as he orders them and looks totally out of it after he eats the dish.

“I’m deaf,” he shouts as the 100 Birds Eye chillies in the dish take effect on his tongue and what looks like his central nervous system.

He sweats, washes his head with water, slurps as much cold liquid as possible and finally reports back that it’s something you really don’t want to try.


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