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Is The World's Best Burger Really Made with No Meat?

By FDL on

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Is The World's Best Burger Really Made with No Meat?
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The world’s best burger apparently contains no meat, this is according to GQ who recently published their annual list of the The 50 Best Thing sot Eat Now.

At number 22 on their list they crowned the vegan patty from the Superiority Burger in New York as the year’s best burger.

They say the burger recipe isn’t exactly known and that the chef isn’t let it out but that it’s packed with roasted nuts and tomato to add umami and that people can’t stop raving about the texture of the vegan patty.

Describing the dish, GQ’s Nick Marino said: “Brooks Headley’s raved-about Superiority Burger—better even than the nutty patty, the roasted umami-bomb tomato, the fact that no cows were harmed in the creation of this sandwich—is the texture. The bun squishes. The lettuce crunches. The pickles snap. That patty, made from ingredients Headley won’t divulge and miles beyond whatever your vegan friends use to assault your grill during barbecues, has genuine heft. Who knew that in the perfectly proportioned Platonic ideal of a burger, beef isn’t even necessary?”

Here’s a look.

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    Thank you for your great article.

    I read this article
    Found out that a foodie startup named Impossible Foods, has made a delicious vegan burger that meat lovers will enjoy.
    Is this the future of burgers ?
    What do you think ?

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