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Is Beijing Dishing Out The World's Spiciest Noodles?

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Is Beijing Dishing Out The World's Spiciest Noodles?
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A restaurant in Beijing is keen on setting a world record for serving the world's spiciest noodles. The eatery in question is Fu Niu Tang, a beef noodle shop that recently opened in China's capital.

The restaurant claims to have the world’s spiciest rice noodles and is challenging diners to finish a bowl of its signature dish in 10 minutes, the Wall Street Journal reports. Those who are brave enough to polish off the whole bowl of noodles receive a  T-shirt and a card that entitles them to a lifetime 10% discount.

So how hot are these noodles? Fu Niu Tang reportedly uses hot sauce that is "125 times hotter than Tabasco sauce." It's no wonder that out of an estimated 300 challengers, only 15 people have walked away a champion.

Zhao Lu was one of the few people who completed the challenge but it wasn't easy. WSJ reports his eyes got watery and his hands were shaking. He ate the noodles in eight minutes "and promptly retreated to the bathroom, where he remained for 20 minutes." Here's a WSJ video in which he talks about eating the world's spiciest noodles.

Clearly, this is not a challenge for everyone. Perhaps a sip of the world's spiciest vodka would help the noodles go down better.

Via Wall Street Journal

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