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World Changing Ideas 2019: Apeel

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World Changing Ideas 2019: Apeel

Progressive business publisher Fast Company has released its annual winners of their World Changing Ideas 2019 and Apeel wins in the category of Food.

Apeel Sciences has developed a natural coating for fruit and vegetables that can extend its shelf life meaning less of it gets thrown away as well as reducing the need for plastic packaging.

Every year as much as a thrird of food produce gets thrown away between farm and fork. It’s a problem that is not only costing billions of dollars annually but has an damaging effect on the environment as well. Chefs are leading the way in innovating ways to reduce food waste and move towards fully sustainable kitchens. They are educating the public about the importance and the creative possibilities of using every part of the ingredient.

But the reality is that chefs can only do so much. The vast majority of people in the developed world buy their food at their local supermarket and this stores need to do more to eliminate waste and reduce plastic packaging.

Apeel Sciences a start-up founded by James Rodgers in 2012 with a grant from the Gates Foundation applies an edible, tasteless coating to fruit and vegetables making them last up to four times longer.

“Growers put blood, sweat, and tears into growing the highest-quality produce they possibly can,” Rogers told Fast Company. “And then the people who consume it are separated by time and distance. We really exist to try to bring that farm quality onto the store shelves in a way that’s going to be the most nutritious, best tasting, least likely [food] to throw away in your home.”



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