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Watch Gordon Ramsay Shoot and Cook a Wood Pigeon

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Watch Gordon Ramsay Shoot and Cook a Wood Pigeon

Gordon Ramsay loves wood pigeon. That much is clear from the video below, in which he travels to the Essex (UK) countryside to shoot the small game bird accompanied by amiable hunting guide Gary.

As Ramsay himself admits, he can cook, but he’s a rubbish shot. He does eventually hit the target however, and sets about demonstrating how to cook wood pigeon: he marinates the breasts in salt, pepper and olive oil first and then briefly pan fries them in his al fresco kitchen, preserving their pink colour inside, before serving them with a pancetta and black pudding salad.

Gary also shows him an ultra-quick method of removing the breasts from the bird right there in the field, without having to pluck it first. They make it look easy of course, but we wonder how many takes it took to get it right?

Here’s another great pigeon recipe from chef Matthias Diether: pigeon breast served with beets and candied hazelnuts.

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