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The Wood Burning Pizza Oven for The Home

By FDL on

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The Wood Burning Pizza Oven for The Home

Homemade pizzas taste great, much better than most takeaways but the real trick to a super tasty homemade pizza is a wood burning oven.

Unfortunately these are quite rare and often very expensive which is why the team over at Uuni have created the portable wood burning oven concept.

Currently recieving crowd investment on the Kickstarter website, the project was designed by pizza loving Kristian Tapaninaho who has designed a small wood fire burning oven that gets hot enough to create wonderful pizzas.

Because the project is still in development Tapaninaho doesn't reveal exactly how the oven works but he does demonstrate how it can cook the perfect pizza in just 3 minutes.

So far 142 people have backed the project, generating over $17,000 and allowing Tapaninaho to take the concept to market. 


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