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Woman Finds Egg Inside an Egg

By FDL on

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Woman Finds Egg Inside an Egg

The dream of getting a double yolk is what makes cracking an egg exciting - will this egg be the time you get two creamy yellow centers or will, like most times, the egg just form regularly.

It's this rare nature that makes a double yolk so exciting, that and the fact that the yellow part tastes much nicer than the white but the odds of getting a double yolked egg are  around 1 in every 1000 eggs.

Now try to imagine the odds of getting an egg inside an egg. That's exactly what happened to Cookie Smith of Abilene, Texas, when her hens managed to lay a large egg containing another, much smaller, egg.

The egg weighed about three times the size of a normal egg, and both had fully formed yolks with whites when  cracked. An egg-stremely rare occurrence for sure and one you can see captured on film below by another lucky egg hunter.

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