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Woman Finds 50 Pearls Inside Her Oyster

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Woman Finds 50 Pearls Inside Her Oyster

A woman has told ABC News that he was ‘shocked’ to discover nearly 50 pearls inside an oyster she was eating.

Toni Elliot was dining at the Puckett's Boat House in Franklin when she ordered oysters.

Elliot’s server told ABC: "She put an oyster in her mouth... and pulled out a pearl…she ended up pulling 50 pearls out of this oyster”

Oysters are formed when some unnatural gets inside the oyster, as a way of protecting itself the mollusk cover the material in nacre - the same material that makes its shell. This unnatural material inside the oyster is then covered in layers of the nacre forming a pearl.

It’s a rare occurrence and even rarer to find it’s happened nearly 50 times in one oyster.

Just imagine if there’s been pearls inside this massive oyster discovered in Denmark.

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