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3 Big Wine Trends from 2014

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3 Big Wine Trends from 2014

The Guardian have taken a closer look some of 2014’s biggest wine trends with a nice piece that offers some useful info on what’s been happening in the world of wine.

The piece is written by the wine specialist Christian Holthausen who delves into the continued rise of natural wines, champagne and the ‘renewed focus on the importance of terroirs and indigenous grapes’.

Holthasaen also looks to some of the sadder stories of 2014 with a note on some of the wine visionaries who unfortunately passed away this year.

Below is a brief summary of some of the wine trends mentioned and you can read about each one in more detail in the original article.

Terroir and Indigenous Grapes with winemakers choosing ‘to produce under difficult circumstances’.

Champagne and the style of ‘flashy marketing and celebrity hype’ attached to it is dying as people turn towards family owned producers.

Natural wine continues to grow in popularity.

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