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Drinking with Friends Makes Wine Taste Better

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Drinking with Friends Makes Wine Taste Better

We've said it all along but now science is showing us proof that drinking wine with friends can actually make it taste better than when drinking alone.

A team of scientists and professors from Oxford University have performed a study on how a difference in a persons psychological state can catalyze certain physiological changes in the body.

Participants in the experiments, which were headed by the psychologist Charles Spence, were asked to sample wines in a number of different situations and moods. Finding show that there are a whole list of factors that can affect the perceived flavor and enjoyment of a wine.

Speaking about the findings Spence said that people are more likely to be positive about the flavor and taste of wine when drank in social settings, being alone apparently makes our taste buds more discriminatory.

Other factors that were proven to affect perceived taste were the colour of the wine, the weight with heavier bottles suggesting expense and better wine, the price, the lighting, the music and the overall smell of the environment in which a person is drinking.

So, it seems that it's not all about the liquid in the glass with many factors making up the complex way in which we perceive flavors. Just to be sure of optimum enjoyment make sure you enjoy your next wine with great friends.




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