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Will Noma Be 100% Vegetarian?

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Will Noma Be 100% Vegetarian?
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During a recent visit to Italy, René Redzepi revealed a very interesting tidbit about his acclaimed restaurant Noma, currently number one on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (for the fourth time).

Given that the menu at Noma is composed almost entirely of local, seasonal and foraged vegetables, Redzepi was asked by local press if he would consider making his restaurant completely vegetarian.

Here’s what he told Gabriele Zanatta from Identità Golose:

“We’re working in that direction…it’s a challenge that doesn’t scare me. Our great Achilles’ heel is the long [repeated five times in a row] and dark Danish winter. In order to have every year a winter menu based on vegetables alone, we need to have resources and skills we still do not have. But we’re working extensively on the study of leavening and fermentation processes. In order to get to the end of the cold season, it is necessary to prolong and develop the life and the aromas of edible products.”

The chef was then asked how long he thinks it would take for Noma to be 100 percent vegetarian. “It’s still long. However, we will certainly get there before I turn 50.”

For the record, Redzepi is only 37 years old so don’t get your hopes up just yet!

In the meantime, the chef and his staff are experimenting with different fermentation techniques involving bee larvae and edible insects. Here's their special recipe for grasshopper sauce:

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