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Why Chefs Love Social Media

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Why Chefs Love Social Media
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One wonders how chefs have the time to browse social media given the gruelling demands of the job, but according to a new report, many in the profession are utilising social media platforms to recruit staff, source suppliers and encourage positive reviews.


Of the 200 UK–based chefs surveyed by communications agency William Morris, 98% saw the value of social media, with 86% using it to generate positive reviews and a third to source suppliers. On average, chefs checked their social media accounts seven times a day, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular platforms.

Job Search

57% said they used social media for recruitment, while 23% kept an eye on emerging trends, and 15% used it for recipes. However, only 10% of those questioned admitted to job searching on social media, suggesting many chefs aren’t yet aware of the opportunities available.

So, chefs, if you are searching for a new role, perhaps you should be looking to your smartphones for inspiration? Go on, have a look right now.

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