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White House Releases Beer Recipes

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White House Releases Beer Recipes
Photo ObamaFoodarama/Blogspot

It took a petition and an avalanche of requests for President Barack Obama to finally release the highly guarded recipes for the White House brews.

The recipes were quietly revealed over the weekend, when Americans were busy enjoying Labor Day celebrations. The recipes for the White House Honey Ale and the Honey Porter are listed in the White House blog under a post titled ''Ale to the Chief.''

So what is in the beers? The usual suspects like hops and malt, which will be easy to find. However, there is one ingredient unique to the White House: honey from the South Lawn

Watch Sam Kass, assistant chef to the White House (pictured above), give you a guided tour of the brewing process and a behind-the-scenes look at the White House beer room. Bottoms up, America!

Via White House blog

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