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Drink Whiskey To Save The Planet

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Drink Whiskey To Save The Planet
Photo Okko Pyykko/Flickr

Here's one good reason you should drink more whiskey (as if you need one!): scientists have discovered a new process that turns whiskey waste into bio fuel to power vehicles.

Celtic Renewables, a Scottish start up, has developed a process that uses waste produced from whiskey distilleries instead of corn or other crops, which makes it even more efficient than existent biofuels, according to CBS news.

The process employed by Celtic Renewables involves bacteria ''eating'' the leftovers from the distilling process. An advantage of this biofuel is that it can be used in unmodified vehicles, unlike regular biofuel, as explained by the BBC News.

Celtic Renewables already has a contract with Tullibardine Distillery, one of Scotland's many whiskey makers. The hope is many other distelleries will catch on to this eco-friendly process. Would the makers of the world's most expensive whiskey up to the task?

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