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PICTURES: Where Twitter Employees Eat

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PICTURES: Where Twitter Employees Eat
Photo chad ziemendorf courtesy IA interior architects

Where do Twitter employees eat? You have 140 characters to tell us what you think. Go! 

Describing the company's whimsical space will take much more than that but, hey, it was worth a try. In reality, it's hard to imagine where Twitter employees eat. Are they tucked away in a dark corner of cyberspace? Or do they eat in a cool high-tech cafeteria? Thankfully, the images below will shed some light on the matter.

These pictures are from Twitter's new global headquarters located in a historic 1937 Art Deco building in San Francisco. The social media company occupies two of the 11 stories in the former furniture warehouse. The urban campus was designed by IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design to nurture creativity and social hubs, according to Design Boom.

When employees want to nosh they just head to the company's expansive cafeteria which leads to a scenic half-acre rooftop garden. Those working late can eat dinner while taking in the impressive skyline at night. But food choices don't end there. Employees also have access to various break rooms, snack bars and casual loungues with tables and benches where they can enjoy drinks and small bites while staying glued to their laptops.

Check out the awesome pictures below and start sharpening up that resume:

Via Design Boom

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