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Where To Eat in Copenhagen, According To René Redzepi

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Where To Eat in Copenhagen, According To René Redzepi
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If you are going to eat in Copenhagen, who better to guide you than René Redzepi? The chef of Noma, currently number two on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list (formerly number one for three years in a row), dished on his favorite places in the city in a recent interview with The Guardian.

The chef confessed he doesn't eat out much but when he does he heads to a few gems in the city. Among them is Det Vide Hus where you'll find amazing espressos and croissant. The coffee shop is located right across from the King’s Garden, which is a nice place to take a walk and burn off breakfast.

It's no secret that many Noma alumni have opened up restaurants in the city and Redzepi supports their businesses. The chef speaks highly of Amass, which is operated by former Noma sous chef Matt Orlando, who Redzepi says could be the ‘’next king of Europe.’’ "I ate one of the best vegetarian dishes I've ever had in my life there – biodynamically grown pumpkin, cooked slowly with freshly made hazelnut oil. It sounds like nothing but when you eat it, it's just extraordinarily good."

Another restaurant run by Noma alumni is Bror, which serves affordable food in a very relaxed atmosphere. "You could almost come naked if you wanted to," Redzepi said of the restaurant run by Victor Wågman and Sam Nutter . Then there's Manfreds, which was founded by Christian F Puglisi and Kim Rossen. "You go there to eat vegetable dishes and have a glass of biodynamic wine – you almost feel healthy as you leave."

But what's the best-kept secret Redzepi gave away? The 200-year old mulberry trees at the King's Garden. "In summer, they produce the best mulberries you will ever taste. You have to wear clothes that you can afford to throw out afterwards because they stain so much, but I can guarantee you that better ones than in that garden don't exist."

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