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What You Can Expect From Ferran Adrià in 2014

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What You Can Expect From Ferran Adrià in 2014
Photo Phaidon

He's taught at Harvard University, inched closer to creating a bible of modern cuisine and put the finishing touches on his latest book.  If this year is any indication of the excitement in Ferran Adrià's life post elBulli, then you better keep a close eye on the acclaimed chef in 2014.

Adrià opened up to Phaidon, the publisher of his upcoming seven-volume book elBulli 2005-2011, about the highlights of 2013 and his plans for next year. It turns out the year was full of intriguing opportunities for the chef who brought his elBulli exhibit to London and recently spoke to FDL about the meaning of cooking.

The chef tells Phaidon what inspired him the most in 2013 was being able to visit MIT and the Media Lab. "It is a wonderful way to understand the world of innovation," he said. But the highlight of his year was working on the Decoding of the Genome of the Gastronomic Process, which is tied to his epic gastro-encyclopedia called the BulliPedia.

As for 2014, the chef revealed he'll focus on two main goals: "The two major projects are the elBulli 2005-2011 book tour and the opening of BullipediaLab in May 2014. This is the place where we will make a step forward in the Decoding project."

The chef also has a few other things in the works for 2014: the debut of his first exhibit in America and the opening of a Mexican restaurant in Barcelona (a project spearheaded by his brother Albert Adrià).

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