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What if The World Was Vegetarian?

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What if The World Was Vegetarian?

Ever wondered what would actually if the entire world decided to become vegetarian overnight? Probably not, but it’s certainly an interested question.

The query is one that team at ASAP Science have decided to take a closer look at with their own, scientific based prediction what exactly would happen if the world was vegetarian.

They look at how the reduction in livestock would free up massive amounts of space and whether or not we would actually be better off from such a drastic change.

They also show some interesting data that shows how in many parts of the world vegetarianism is increasing but prove that any effect from this is balanced out by the fact that in other parts meat eating is on the rise.

The whole video lasts just over 3 minutes and is an interesting look at just what sort of world we would live in if meat was no longer part of our diets.

Take a look at the video below and be sure to check out this useful chart on how to make sure you buy the freshest vegetables for your next meal.


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