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What does a $180 Wagyu Sandwich Taste Like?

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What does a $180 Wagyu Sandwich Taste Like?

Business Insider sent their cameras to Don Wagyu a restaurant that specialiss in Katsu sandos a fried sandwich with Wagyu beef. To see if they could distinguish between the restaurant’s $28, $80 and $180 sandwiches. Could you tell the difference?

American Washugyu at $28 is the most commonly ordered steak sandwich on the menu. It’s a dry aged American Wagyu, a crossbreed between a Black Angus and the Japanese Tajima cow, served on white bread and a homemade tare sauce. The Washugyu beef has a more classic steak-like appearance.

The A5 Maziaki at a price of $80 uses Wagyu beef that comes from the Maziaki area in Japan, the largest Wagyu producing area in the country.

The A5 Ozaki is the big one, coming in at a whopping $180. Ozaki beef comes from a very small farm, owned by a man called Ozaki. His cattle are fed on a secret recipe, but includes sake leaves, olives, beer mash, a lot of very rich foods and the cows are left to mature for an additional eight to 12 months than the regular Wagyu. The Ozaki has an intense richness that compares to bone marrow flavour.

The three sandwiches have very different texture and flavour profiles. BI’s reporter was able to tell the difference could you do the same?

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