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What Consumers Really Want: Chinese, Italian and Indian Food

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What Consumers Really Want: Chinese, Italian and Indian Food
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Ever tried shopping at the 'international' aisle of your local supermarket only to be frustrated by their lack of choices? You are not alone. 

A new survey by ShopperVista has revealed shoppers would like to see more 'world' foods at their local supermarkets. The top three cuisines that topped the list were Chinese, Italian and Indian. Other cuisines like Greek, French and Caribbean made the cut, as well.

Naturally, what is considered a 'world' food will vary country by coutry. But the survey, which was commissioned by research organization IGD, points to a new trend in consumer spending. 

''More of us are traveling abroad and sampling world cuisines, and we want to continue enjoying exotic tastes when we get home,'' said IGD chief exexutive Joanne Denney-Finch.

Here's the top 10 foods shoppers are interested in:

1. Chinese

2. Italian

3. Indian

4. Mexican

5. Thai

6. Spanish

7. Greek

8. French

9. Caribbean

10. American 

Via Food and Drink Europe

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