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WATCH: Roy Choi's Advice For Young Chefs

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WATCH: Roy Choi's Advice For Young Chefs
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In this video from the Culinary Institute of America, Los Angeles food truck legend Roy Choi goes back to his alma mater to discuss the secret to this success and dishes out advice for young chefs.

Choi, who graduated from the CIA in 1998, choose a very unconventional path in the food world by serving tacos from his Kogi BBQ truck. He diccusses how following his gut was essential in finding his way and how he's never wavered from "the fundamental belief of flavor, execution and care."

When it comes to his advice to young chefs, Choi wants them to know the food world is wide open. "The traditional path has blossomed and evolved into more. Whereas my generation and the generations before me that wasn't the case. It wasn't the case where you could work at a hawker satay stand, come back and open a restaurant that the people in Brooklyn had to wait three months to get in."

Choi recommends taking that freedom and running with it. "The food world has never been at this place before." Watch the full interview below:

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