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WATCH: Grant Achatz Talks MSG, Salt and Black Pepper

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WATCH: Grant Achatz Talks MSG, Salt and Black Pepper
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A lot of people fear monosodium glutamate, aka msg,  but not Grant Achatz. The Chicago chef behind Alinea, Next and the Aviary is actually a big fan of this controversial seasoning.

Achatz makes his bold confession in this video from the Tasting Table. When asked about the top three must-haves in his kitchen the acclaimed chef says that without a doubt MSG, kosher salt and black pepper are at the top of the list.

The chef isn't apologetic about his love for MSG even though he knows ''some people are going to hate" him for it. He explained that the seasoning is savory but not salty and works wonders when blended with salt and pepper.

"To me it's a creamy vanilla aspect that bridges salinity and pepper somehow in a really good way. When you think about it that's why it works in a lot of Chinese food, it kind of links it all together and weaves it into one unified taste."

Here, see what else the chef had to say: 

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