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WATCH: Ferran Adrià Explains Birth of BulliPedia

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WATCH: Ferran Adrià Explains Birth of BulliPedia
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If you've been keeping up with with Ferran Adrià you may be aware the famed chef has a few projects in the works. One of them is the seven-tome elBulli 2005-2011 book published by Phaidon, the other is the BulliPedia, an online gastro-encyclopedia.

Adrià speaks about both projects in this newly released video by Phaidon. The chef says the birth of his BulliPedia, which he describes as a "techno-emotional cooking encyclopedia," occurred while working on his latest book. 

As he gathered information for the book he was mystified as why there is so little documentation of the cooking world. Thus, he decided to take matters into his own hands and create the BulliPedia which "aims to be a tool to record, organize, and accumulate information about culinary art in the west."

"I know that to make this analysis of the evolution of food is complex and difficult, but if no one starts it, it won't get done." Watch what else he had to say:

Via Phaidon Press

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