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Watch Anthony Bourdain Visit The Congo River

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Watch Anthony Bourdain Visit The Congo River
Photo Screenshot via Youtube

In this season of Parts Unknown, we've seen Anthony Bourdain blaze through Colombia, Morocco, Myanmar and other exciting locales. On the season finale of his hit show on CNN Bourdain takes on the Congo River.

This video preview gives you a glimpse into the unique - and dangerous - way locals fish in the Congo, which Bourdain calls ''highly coordinated and acrobatic.''

The episode will air Sunday at 9pm. Bourdain sets up the following clip with this narration:

''To Europeans it was a natural route to transport slaves, ivory, rubber, minerals - the commodities upon which modern-day Brussels and Antwerp are built. For the Congolese, both before and after the Belgians, it provided more basic things: water - to wash, to clean your clothes in, to cook with, to drink. Also, fishing.''

Via The Braiser

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