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What's It Actually Like to Eat Virtual Food?

By FDL on

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What's It Actually Like to Eat Virtual Food?

Here’s a great video from Vice in which they travel to Japan to closer at the phenomenon of food hacking and exactly what it means.

Food Hackers are people who are trying to change the eating experience or the way in which we cook with some radical ideas that combine food with technology and science.

In the episode the reporter looks closely at eating virtual food - the idea of using augmented reality to change the taste of food people are eating by changing what they see and smell.

It’s much easier to understand watching the video but the basic idea is that your brain can be tricked into tasting certain flavours by playing with what it sees and smells.

The technology is also being used with the idea of controlling the amount of food people consume by making small items, like a cookie. appear much bigger to the person eating it.

Take a look.

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