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Viral Noodle Video Gets 5 Million Views

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Viral Noodle Video Gets 5 Million Views

Sometimes it’s easy to know why a story or video goes viral: it shows something new, shocking, funny or profound.

Other times, well you’re not quite sure. Like this video of a Chinese street chef rolling out and cutting noodles, which has had over five million views at time of writing.

Seemingly, the video, which was posted by Travel Thirsty over a year ago – it's a slow burner – has a real calming effect for some people.

Watch below and judge for yourself. Its fairly long, 13 minutes, but you can jump straight to the cutting, which is what people are going wild for, in a way, from around eight minutes in.

And further down, check out another chef in China, who loves noodles so much he dances with them.

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