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Rene Redzepi and 'MAD' Get into Education

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Rene Redzepi and 'MAD' Get into Education

The team of Rene Redzepi and crew at MAD have announced plans for their latest project, Vild Mad, an initiative that aims to help educate people and children in Denmark about wild food.

Calling Vild Mad a “resource for learning about, tasting, and exploring wild food” in a post on the Mad Feed, the team explain how they hope to implement the project through three initiatives.

The first is to help create a curriculum for school chidden with the team saying their aspiration is to see “knowledge of natural food being taught in schools as commonly as reading, writing and mathematics”. They hope that educating young people about the natural flavours they can find around them will also help create generations of people that care for their environment because of a stronger connection to it.

The second is to create a foraging and wild food school for all Danish people with a free course that will teach them about the wild foods available on their own doorstep.

The third, and the one that we can all benefit from, will be a digital platform that presents a database of information and images on a variety of wild foods and plants - helping people locate certain ingredients, teaching them how to use them in cooking and offering some very important safety guidelines.

They won’t be working alone on this monster project as a number of experts and organisations will team up with MAD to help make Vild Mad a reality. They say their major ambition is to create a model in Denmark that other countries can also employ.

The idea is big and one that shows just how far the Mad team are willing to go to truly affect some change. Rather than take their findings and keep them inside the closed walls of the Noma restaurant, they’re opening up, promising to be as transparent as possible with their tech and their observations and, more importantly,  actively looking for other countries and organisations to do the same. Add this to the fact that Denmark has also pledged to go 100 percent organic with their food production and you’re looking at one of the leading countries in trying to fix our jaded relationship with food.

Here's a video from the last Mad Food Camp as Danish MP Ida Aukun discusses the idea of a future without food waste.  


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